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Living Starts
with YOU. Do you live from a place of confidence? Do you have access to clarity under stress? Do you run from challenges or do they lead you to your creative core where ideas overflow? Are you building your life from your values? Is joy a daily experience?
Living Starts where you ARE. What are you experiencing? At home? At work? In your relationships? Wherever you are – that’s the place you can start. That’s where Living Starts.

Living Starts when you are READY. Which is NOW!
If you’re reading this website, you are ready – ready to look at yourself and the life you have and ask the tough questions, do the work to clear out old beliefs, old behaviours and ways of reacting to the world around you, and start living from your core, from your deepest values, from confidence and clarity, from your creative centre, from fearlessness.

​In my coaching you will have access to all the tools that have led to my living from a completely different place - from a willingness to let go of the past and enjoy life in the present.  ​

​My deepest wish for you is this: ​

-that you may access your highest potential

-that you may live a life filled with a deep sense of connection

-that you may experience creativity and joy again

-that you may find clarity and confidence even under stress

I am happy to tell you that anyone, including YOU, can start living from a place of wholeheartedness.

I have assisted hundreds of people in finding their passions and achieving abundance and success in their lives.  I am an accredited Journey Practitioner and a certified Conscious Leadership Coach and a Life Coach with extensive Enneagram training.   For more information, contact Lesley@lesleystrutt.ca