My Writing Life:

I am the daughter of an architect father and a writer/philosopher mother. I grew up in the Gatineau hills surrounded by nature and steeped in conversations that were rich in metaphor. My passion for poetry and literature probably began with my mother reading poetry and bedtime stories to us. We didn't have TV for many years, and we spent many hours listening to stories on the radio or on records.

I completed a PhD in linguistics at McGill University and went on to teach part-time and pick up contracts as a consultant in the high-tech industry designing telephone user interfaces, in the courts as an interpreter, and as a writer/editor. I eventually built a career in research administration in government and at the university, while teaching part-time.

I have travelled extensively to destinations such as the Arctic (on a boat with Margaret Atwood and Graham Gibson), South America, North Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Europe and the UK. I lived for two years in England where I explored the pubs and cow paths of the Chilterns extensively. In 1999, I bought a small cottage by the sea in Holland and spent many vacations there gardening and writing. An avid sailor, I have sailed in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic, the North Sea, and even spent one winter in the Caribbean after exploring the east coast and the inland waterways of America. These travels have given me a deep sense of the magic of life, its surprises and its challenges. 

Writing has become an integral part of my journey now. I experience the world through my poems, my blog, the stories I am writing for young readers, and my other creative work. I grew up in a wonderfully artistic environment, where being myself included any and all of the arts. Writers, artists, architects, travellers, and dreamers were always turning up around our dinner table, and we were encouraged to listen and participate in the marvellous conversations that surrounded us. From those fortunate beginnings, all things in life seemed possible. I still believe this to be true. I also believe that unexpected changes in life may bring the most astonishing gifts.

Here's to surprise!

About Lesley